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Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation - Issue #5



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Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation - Issue #5
By Global Citizenship Foundation • Issue #5 • View online
“Liberating education consists in acts of cognition, not transferals of information.”
― Paulo Freire
The discourse and focus on social-emotional learning and inclusive classrooms are more than ever before, as the CoVID-19 pandemic-induced challenges to education have brought to fore the cracks in the system.
The already existing challenges such as social injustice and inequities — both in education and in society — have been exacerbated by the CoVID-19 Pandemic. It has also brought to attention the inadequacy of education systems to address these challenges significantly. In the 5th issue of the Transforming Education Newsletter, we present to you an article by Dr. Emiliano Bosio’s from the .ed Magazinea carefully curated quarterly digital magazine for education leaders.
In this feature article, Dr. Bosio makes a case for restoring a value-based university curriculum. Read this featured article of the week to gain his perspective on what role the higher education curriculum must play to fight against social injustice and inequities, both global and local. Also, gain insights on what should be the aims of a values-based curriculum and in what ways this could challenge the status quo.
Also, check out the 🗓 upcoming global events, our 💫 spotlight, along with the 🗞news and updates from the Global Citizenship Foundation below.

🌟 Featured Article
The Futures of Higher-Ed: Towards a Values-based University Curriculum?
It is crucial that a higher education curriculum should be developed that can produce learners who can take their place in a environment by acting in a humane, transformative, critical, and emancipated way.
In the context of neoliberal globalization, the modern university curriculum now faces a crisis of critical values. Reflective and critical values of higher education curricula are being weakened, and new curricula are being developed, which essentially view universities as useful for growth and productivity and ignore and diminish the moral and social benefits previously so closely associated with universities. I argue that what is needed is further investigation into the notion of a higher education values-based curriculum aimed at explicitly fostering learners’ critical values such as “conscientization” and social justice. 
The contemporary developments in higher education curriculum policies, globally, lean towards market-driven curricula and generally share certain features, especially a structure whereby outcomes are rigidly delineated, prioritizing generic capacities/skills rather than rigorous specifications that the values and knowledge/knowledge content the curriculum should promote. This approach has attracted criticism for… [Read Full Story Here]
🎫 Upcoming Global Events
💡 International Conference: Safe Schools Declaration
💫 Author Spotlight
Dr. Iva Katzarska-Miller is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. She teaches classes related to cultural psychology, social justice, and diversity. Her research interests focus on self-stereotyping, interpersonal relationships, and global citizenship.
Know more about Dr. Katzarska-Miller here.
🤩 Global Citizenship Foundation Events and Updates
Online Education Leadership Forum: Masterclass Series
The challenges posed to education by the COVID-19 pandemic have enabled the resurgence of Hybrid Learning. As we move from the traditional mode of instruction to hybrid teaching and learning — encompassing online and blended learning — upskilling educators to a thriving pedagogical approach in this emerging situation is the need of the hour. 
Hybrid learning is much more than the use and adaptation of technology. Unpack pedagogies, content delivery strategies, and technologies to leverage the power and potential of hybrid learning at the Online Educational Leadership Forum (OELF) Masterclass on Hybrid Learning and Assessments. 
Prepare for educating young people effectively in the pandemic and beyond and improve students’ learning experiences. Join us at the Masterclass on November 24, 2021, as we bust the myths, address the challenges, discover the right resources, and gain insights from the best practices ensuring effective implementation and assessment of hybrid teaching and learning. 
Masterclass Objectives:
Masterclass 1: Understanding Hybrid Learning; Creating Lesson Plans using hybrid pedagogies.
Masterclass 2: Measuring students’ success using effective and reliable hybrid assessment methods.
The Online Educational Leadership Forum (OELF) Masterclass aims to provide an engaging platform for educators and educational leaders to learn, discuss, exchange, and hone their teaching skills and pedagogical practices while connecting to their peers from around the globe.
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