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Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation - Issue #2



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Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation - Issue #2
By Global Citizenship Foundation • Issue #2 • View online
Adaptability to change is itself a hallmark of successful education.”
- Peter Hilton
We have now entered the digitally globalized era where the use of technology has become prevalent and almost ubiquitous. In the 2nd Issue of the Transforming Education Newsletter, we bring to you an article (authored by Prof. Michael J. Reiss) from the ‘Digital Education’ section of the .ed Magazine, a quarterly curated magazine for education leaders by the Global Citizenship Foundation. The article delves into knowing the future of education in a digitally globalized era. 
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🌟 Featured Article
Futures of Education in a Digitally Globalized Era

The worldwide chaos that COVID-19 has wreaked on much of school education since early in 2019 seems likely only to accelerate the importance of such technologies for learning.
Despite several decades of the use of computers in education, they have not always delivered the benefits that their advocates have assured us they would. A recent review found that instances of educational technology that have succeeded in achieving the desired impact at scale, rather than only locally, are rarer than is often presumed. However, any internet search that combines the terms ‘education’, ‘digital’, and ‘globalization’ throws up literally millions of hits. So far, computers and other examples of digital technology too often promise more than they deliver.
And yet, it is difficult to imagine that computers in education are not here to stay. Furthermore, the worldwide chaos that COVID-19 has wreaked on much of school education since early in 2019 seems likely only to accelerate[Read Full Story Here]
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💡Panel Discussion:16th OELF Panel Discussion: How Can We Ensure Effective Blended Learning?
💫 Featured Author of the Week
Heather Singmaster is the Director of CTE and GCEN at Asia Society’s Center for Global Education where her work focuses on international benchmarking and integrating global competence into Career Tech Ed programs and state and national policy. She speaks and writes regularly on education and formerly hosted the Global Learning blog on Education Week.
Know more about Heather Singmaster here.
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Youth Opportunity: Mentor-Intern Program Cohort 7 Launched!
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