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Issue #9 - Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation

Issue #9 - Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation
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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers it’s transformational.”
— George Couros
Technology can be either a boon or a bane. But technology alone cannot solve the problems our current education systems face. Innovative use of technology blended with pedagogy and content can enrich both the educator and the learner with global competency and future-ready skills. As we move towards adapting to the emerging realities and approaches to teaching and learning, a critical component of education is to empower young people with the right blend of skills. If you have asked a question, “how can I help my students thrive?” or are looking at understanding what does the future hold for education. This featured article by Heather Singmaster is a must-read for you!
In Issue 9 of the Transforming Education Newsletter, we present to you Heather Singmaster’s article from the .ed Magazine — a quarterly curated issue-based digital magazine for educators. 
Read this featured article of the week to know how assistive technology in education is becoming more important than ever during the global pandemic. Heather Singmaster envisions a future where technology is incorporated in education smoothly and all challenges associated are well-addressed.
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🌟 Featured Article
A Reimagined Future Of Education Is Global and Blended Learning
There are some that I found in school and those that I joined with, and others who were left behind. Are you wondering why?
There is no shortage of ideas on how to improve education systems, ideas which are generally applied as small-scale interventions implemented using trial and error. But according to the Brookings Institution, in order to make real, impactful change, education systems must “leapfrog” or make “rapid, nonlinear progress.”(1) COVID-19 has highlighted inequities in the delivery of education, including a lack of access to devices and the internet, issues which must be solved immediately. But the crisis has also allowed experts to see opportunities to reimagine education on a much larger scale. The year 2021 is the time to stop imagining what education can be and start the work of redesigning education systems for all students.
Where to Focus in Redesigning Education?
In 2011, the Center for Global Education at Asia Society created the Global Cities Education Network (GCEN), an international learning community that seeks…[Read Full Story Here]
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💫 Author Spotlight
An Associate Professor of Education at the Toyo University in Japan. Dr. Bosio’s academic interests include critical and transformative education, globalization dynamics, global citizenship, educational policy, comparative and international education, teacher training, higher education, participatory democracy, and youth engagement.
Know more about Dr. Bosio here.
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The COVID - 19 pandemic has shed great light upon the cracks in our current education systems— highlighting ineffective ways of teaching. This is an urgent call for us to redouble our efforts to redesign the way we deliver education. Join the discourse!
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