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Issue #7 - Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation

Issue #7 - Transforming Education Newsletter from the Global Citizenship Foundation
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“A gender-equal society would be one where the word ‘gender’ does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.”
— Gloria Steinem
Studies on the patterns of gender development highlight that the concept of gender in children can be formed as early as 30 months. It is in early childhood that children acquire gender stereotypes, norms, and identities. Early childhood learning and experiences through gendered interaction and conduct at home and at school negatively affect children, shaping strong biases that impact their lives and future. For example, what jobs are most suitable for men and women. Fostering gender-inclusive early childhood education enables young children to freely develop to their full potential according to their individual talents and interests, irrespective of their gender.
In the 7th Issue of the Transforming Education Newsletter, we present to you Dr. Chandrika Devarakonda‘s article from the .ed Magazine — a quarterly curated issue-based digital magazine for educators. 
 Read this featured article of the week to know what you need to start, stop, and continue in your efforts to ensure that you bring in gender-inclusive early childhood education, the right way.
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🌟 Featured Article
Shaping Intentional Gender Diversity and Inclusion Practices in Education
Educators’ role is crucial, irrespective of the presence of diversity in the setting, to facilitate positive attitudes to diversity. Children should be made aware, provide opportunities, and be prepared to accept, acknowledge, value, and celebrate diversity from the perspective of a wide range of groups related to ethnicity, cultures, socio-economic groups, gender, and linguistic and religious groups. They must ensure they trust others and feel empowered. Does it sound idealistic? 
Educators need to present themselves as positive role models by treating everyone (colleagues, parents, and families of all the children) with respect. Inclusion is related to all children and young people, their families, and staff members in schools. Further, inclusion must focus not only on enabling all children to be present, be accepted, and given opportunities for participation in all the activities but also on…[Read Full Story Here]
🎫 Upcoming Global Events
💡 International Conference: Safe Schools Declaration
💫 Author Spotlight
Dr. Stephen Reysen is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA. He teaches classes related to social psychology, intergroup relations, and multicultural diversity. His research interests include topics related to personal (e.g., threats to interpersonal public identity) and social identity (e.g., global citizenship).
Know more about Dr. Reysen here.
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